Sunday, October 30, 2011

Har de harr harr

Been trying to meet people online and thus far, have only come across a few gems in a internet full of creepers. ...However, one of these aforementioned rays of sunlight makes some pretty trippy stuff! Check it out!
Its so bubbly~ *__*
Good for watching while listening to Jefferson Airplane.


Also, might have some photos up tomorrow. Maybe. Working on scripts for the MM Micro-series.

...And this would make an infinitely cooler vlog than a blog. Lame I know. Trying to figure out when to attempt filming, what free video-editing software I can use (just to get rid of my 'um's and extended pauses), and where to film from, because while my bathroom has awesome acoustics, its not exactly interesting. ...Or could potentially be highly unappealing.

I don't know. Do you like seeing inside people's bathrooms? What about their purses?

Also! Mick finally got around to making a blog and a tumblr! Check 'em out here:

Not much yet, but I'm sure she'll get around to it soon. :D

I feel the need to go read more manga.

Cheers! <3

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