Saturday, October 22, 2011

A shopping trip with Banshee!

I really, really need to get in the habit of taking my camera with me when I go places- my phone just does not cut it!

Today, Banshee and I went to a crafts store to do some stock-up shopping while my employee discount was still at 50% and somehow wound up going to our favorite Antique Mall, originally just for old buttons 'n things...

And I walked out with a shopping list and twenty new pictures on my phone. @_@;

I have no idea when or why it happened, but Sir Spice Rack, YOU SHALL BE MINE!

...Really regretting not having snapped a picture of Banshee with the staff of awesome. ...Er, "Walking Stick" of awesome. It was all hand-carved with this insanely detailed twisting pattern...

However, I am thoroughly in love with this lovely hand-blown glass set here:

I'm not exactly sure why there's a pumpkin pin-cushion on the tray... but I really want that too. P:

Unfortunately the mirrored tray is not included. D,:

For anyone interested, the aforementioned mall is Covered Bridge Antique Mall. (Link is to their facebook page. Go ahead and like them! They're amazing~ )

I think that when it comes time for me to get my house, I'm going to sell my soul to this place for furniture. ...Maybe a limb and a kidney too. @_@

Well, as tomorrow is my catch-up day, I best get some rest. There is still so much sewing left to do, and our deadlines are fast approaching.

Thanks for checkin' up on me. <3


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